Government Invade Secondary School In Plateau State

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Government Invade Secondary School In Plateau State

A gun-wielding attack by armed men in the Kuru neighborhood located in Plateau state has resulted in the death of one student and injured three others.

It was discovered it was reported that those killed, who were all students of a boarding school located in the area, were attempting to charge their smartphones at a station for fuel near the school, when they were shot by gunmen.

plateau State Seconary School

The student who died was wounded on the neck, and died in the immediate aftermath and others were taken to the hospital to receive medical attention.

The incident is believed to have occurred around 7:15 pm on Friday, June 10.

gunmen invade secondary school in Plateau

A local leader in the region claimed that the attack was perpetrated by herdsmen that were chased from the area on the previous day, after their cattle were seen grazing on the farmlands of people.

That is all about the how government killed student in Plateau secondary school