How WAEC Supervisors Are Arrested In Lagos, Kano During The 2022 Exam

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How WAEC Supervisors Are Arrested In Lagos

A number of officials from the West African Examination Council (WAEC) overseeing the current national exam have been arrested due to their involvement in malpractices during the exam.

names of supervisors caught during the WAEC Exam in Kano

The head of the Nigeria National Office in WAEC, Patrick Areghan made the announcement while on a visit to the various examination centres in Abuja.

He added that not less than 10 supervisors have thus already been detained across Lagos, Kano, Bayelsa and Kaduna state. He also said that the corrupt supervisors unfortunate enough to be appointed by the different state ministries of education were the biggest threat to exam’s smooth running.

WAEC 2022 exam malpractice

Areghan stated that the supervisors, as a reward let candidates bring their mobile phones to the exam room and take pictures of exam questions are captured and uploaded to certain platforms. The supervisors claimed that some supervisors are part of the syndicate group that runs the platfom

That is the details on the supervisors for waec caught in kano and lagos state