Idiong Ekpedeme, Victor Agbontaem And Peter Abasiekong drag UNICAL to court over demotion, demand N500 million

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Students who are angry at students of the University of Calabar Faculty of Engineering are dragging the university before the Federal High Court in Calabar regarding their demotion because of the inability of the university to obtain an accreditation by the National Universities Commission (NUC) accreditation for their department.

Students numbering more than 200 are suing the university , as well as five others are suing for more than N500 million in damages for general damage and other costs in the case of breach of trust and other. The lawsuit was brought through Idiong Ekpedeme, Victor Agbontaem Peter Abasiekong, and Victor Agbontaem Stephens via their attorney the lawyer Mr. Ozinko Ozinko.

The students, who were between the 400 and 300 levels were relegated from 2021 levels to 200 by university’s authority after the school was not able to pass the NUC exercise of verification of resources.

Students in two departments (Electrical and Electronics, and Computer Engineering) were totally removed by NUC.

The NUC has claimed that management of the university did not inform or obtain approval from the commission prior to beginning the program.

In the lawsuit, the students stated that the conduct of the school’s management were illegal negligent, fraudulent and criminal.

They also claimed that the school’s management was tortuous, unlawful, extremely reprehensible, breach of trust, illegal, scandalous, and amounts to an acrimonious attack on their future academic rights, which are unalienable, inviolable and fundamentally.