IJMB Website: Real Or Fake


Most students who are aspiring to register and apply must have been deceived in one way or the other. It is either they go to the wrong website or they are misled by some fraudsters who are just there to take people money by smart means.

That is why or rather the basic reason why students fear to pay for something online especially when it comes to paying to register for an exam online. Some must have experienced it while some must have been told by others that they were duped by the internet fraudsters.

The basic reason why this article is formed is to enlighten you on the website you should go, apply and register for the IJMB A level programme. There are basic things you need to observe and know a real or fake IJMB website before applying and registering.

Firstly, if you want to know if an IJMB website you visit is real or fake, you must first check out the address on the website for confirmation if the website is real or fake. The IJMB website must contain IJMB in its address. That will enable the owners of those websites put some confidence in their prospective IJMB aspirants.

IJMB website
IJMB website

Secondly, if you must know if a IJMB website is real or fake, you must be able to identify if the IJMB website listed out their account details on the website. If they did not list out their account details on their websites, then you should know and suspect that the particular IJMB website is not real.

However, if the IJMB website listed out their account details on the website, then you should know that the particular IJMB website is real. Listing out account details on the IJMB website clearly shows how legit they are in terms of serving IJMB aspirants. You should also check if their account details relates to anything that has to do with IJMB. Their account details must look like something related to IJMB to be assured that it is a true and real IJMB website.

Another way through which you can know if an IJMB website is real of fake is to check if it is registered or not. One thing you should know is that any website which is not registered is fake and should not be looked upon by viewers. However, if the IJMB website is registered, then you know you are dealing with a real IJMB website.

Lastly, in order for you not to be duped by fraudsters, the real website you are advised to visit is at IJMBway.com for all their activities concerning or relating to IJMB. This simply indicates that if any student wants to get information concerning IJMB, he or she should simply visit the site IJMBway.com in order of avoiding wrong information or being misled.

IJMB Registration Form
IJMB Registration Form

Students who are still interested for late registration will have to go to the real site in order of avoiding fraudsters. Students should be conversant with the site so that they have full knowledge of all the latest IJMB update.

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