NDA 2022 List Of 74th Regular course shortlisted candidates

It was the Nigerian Defence Academy Screening Test was conducted on the 23rd of April 2022. The list of successful candidates whose names appear below and may also be accessed at NDA official website www.nda.edu.ng or www.ndaapplications.net are to report for interview before the Armed Forces Selection Board (AFSB) from Saturday 11 June – Saturday 23 July 2022 at the Nigerian Defence Academy Ribadu Campus, Kaduna.

Candidates will be interviewed by the AFSB in 2 batches in the following order:

Batch 1. Candidates from states that are not listed must attend NDA on Saturday , 11 June until Friday 1 July 2022.

Batch 2.Candidates from the states not on the list must submit their applications to NDA on the 2nd of July, between Saturday 2 July through the 23rd of July, 2022.

This Screening Process and the list have been included in the attached PDF.

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