When Is IJMB Form Closing And IJMB Registration Form Closing Date?

When Is IJMB Form Closing Date And IJMB Registration Form Closing Date?

IJMB registration form for the 2019/2020 has commenced and is not closing yet, you can still register for IJMB now, even though lectures have started already and whether you didn’t write JAMB or  you did register for JAMB, it does not matter, you are meant to register IJMB and start lectures immediately in any of our study centres nationwide.

School fees (initial payment) for the 2019/2020 session are meant to be paid immediately to start receiving lectures. Though the acceptance is meant to be paid immediately after admission into the programme and of which admission letter has been sent to the registered applicant.

Candidates who are applying to go through IJMB programme, are advised to register early so that all necessary information would be sent to them on time, especially those who do not want to come to Ilorin IJMB centre which is our IJMB main centre in Nigeria.

In addition to this,  we advise students to register before it finally closes for the ongoing registration session, which is 2019/2020. IJMB form and registration is still open for interested candidates. Read this information below to know When Is IJMB Form Closing And When Is IJMB Registration Form Closing respectively


The IJMB registration closing date and IJMB form closing date is the same thing. The official registration closing date for IJMB 2018/2019 session has been extended and is now closing 25th of  January 2019. 

Those who are just registering will receive their IJMB study centres within 24 hours when you as an applicant receive your registration details, which include your IJMB centre name, address, IJMB fees and what to bring along, you should start resuming immediately as lectures have started. In your form, you will see the available study centre, you are to chose the one closest to you and of which you can afford.

Again, If you are just registering now or you have registered and have not gone for your lectures centre, please take note that all registered students must be at their various IJMB centres before or on 20th, March for the 2019/2020 IJMB session.

Currently, we have our IJMB study centres in Ilorin, Abuja, Ilorin, Ekiti, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Uyo and Port Harcourt and student can choose one once they print the IJMB form out,

How To Know If IJMB Registration Form Has Closed

To know if IJMB registration form is closed, is to visit this page > https://ijmbway.com/print-out-ijmb/ If you can still print the form out by clicking the link on the page, that means the IJMB form has not closed, or there is still space for you to register in one or more centres in the form, but if you cannot see the form to print out, that means the IJMB programme for this current session of 2019/2020 has closed

How To Register For IJMB Form

1, Firstly the first step is to print the form out at https://ijmbway.com/print-out-ijmb/2. Then do pay the form fee which is currently #8,000, to the following account number

Account No: 0163836217
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (Gtbank)

3 After paying, do fill the printed form with CAPITAL LETTERS

4. Attach your passport to the designated area on the form
5. Go back to the nearest cyber cafe to you and scan the form you have already filled, and also scan the teller copy you were issued at the bank

6. Send all the scanned data to ijmbway@gmail.com

7. Within 2 to 4 hours, a reply will be sent to you via the email you used to send the scanned data to us, the email will include other few details you need to know as an IJMB students

The total fees you will be paying through your IJMB programme with us in any of our centres is #168,000 till you write your final examination which is always February every year. You can see the breakdown of the fees at IJMB programme fee

Finally, we should call you to ask you if you have any question or clarification you want us to answer or make

We will do all we can to help you with a centre to the nearest states to you, but if all fail, that means you still have to come to Ilorin for your program


  1. Enter your comment…can you use IJMB for medicine

    1. Good day, pls when will ijmb Admission form for 2018/19 session be out and when will it be closing

      1. Ijmb registration has started and it will end on 31st August 2018 which is on Friday

    2. Good day, pls when will ijmb Admission form for 2018/19 session be out and when will it be closing.

  2. i was wondering where the ijmb location in lagos is, also, is the hostel fee slashed since im registering middle of class or i have to pay fullhostel fee

  3. When will 2017/2018 form be out?

  4. Please where is IJMB centre in Osun State?

  5. Please am confused….I thought they said the closing date of the form is 8th of April so which form are dey selling now…. Is it the one for 2017 or what please explain better

  6. IJMB form is still available for the 2016/2017 session. Yes the final exams take place by February 2017

  7. The IJMB form is still on, and is closing next month. Precise date have not been confirmed

    1. When will the admission list be released ?

      1. check on your choice of university portal.

  8. are we going to write exam before we the ijmb

  9. are we going to write exam before we the ijmb

  10. Am interested and I have reprinted the form but might not realize the money. that closing week what should I do?

  11. The IJMB result for the previous exam should be out between late of April 2016 or early May 2016. And you will still be able to use it to gain admission this year.

  12. The IJMB registration closing date and IJMB form closing date is the same thing. The official registration closing date for IJMB 2017/2018 session have been extended and is now Friday 27th January. ….is this true please answer fast

  13. We currently do not have at Osun state, but we do have an IJMB centre at Ibadan

  14. No entrance examination for IJMB 2017/2018 academic session

  15. I want to know if ijamb registration for 2017 is still on going and can one use it to secure admission this year?

  16. Yes, the IJMB registration still ongoing. but you will use the result to gain admission next year, which is by 2018 not 2017

  17. i want to be sure ,what is the recent closing date for ijmb ,please reply asap,thank you very much

  18. Pls can I still register now, is it not too late?

  19. Pls can I still register for ijmb this year

  20. Please sir i am to be given admission this year 2017 and the offer was polytechnic and i refuse it.can i meet up or gain admission to meet my class mates if i register for the next year session of ijmb?
    Please inbox me if i could, on the following contact details:

  21. Is Ijmb registration still on for 2017/2018

  22. Please is ijmb registration for 2018/2019 still on?

  23. is ijmb registration still on nd how can hi apply for it,nd will i use it to gain addmission dis year in delta state university at asaba nd also can do my ijmb programme there…nd tell me more about d exam is it let jamb or how nd wen is it going to hold nd is there also any past question for it pls me cos hi score 165 in jamb dis year nd hi dnt want to stay at home again ooo nd hi want to study business addminstration in detal asaba

  24. please can you use ijmb to study nursing in uni ?

    1. Yes, you can use IJMB to study Nursing

  25. Where is ijmb located in Edo state

    1. We do not have an IJMB centre in Edo State yet.

  26. Sir. Can I use d ijmb of 2018/2019 session to gain admission in thesame session. And when is d closing date. Is futa ijmb centre and how much is d fees if I don’t want hostel. Plssss answer me Sir.

    1. Yes, you are meant to use IJMB 2018/2019 to gain admission by 2019. So this is the ideal way.

  27. Hello Sir,
    I just saw the ads for this IJMB prgmme while surfing on net, then I get to this portal and comments section.
    My Question :


    1. The form is still on. Please what we have above, the instruction is clearly stated. No adverse effect by you starting from 200 level, because all you needed to know at your 100 level has been taught through IJMB.

      Though you will be required to registered for 100 level GNS since you will not be taken Use of English during your IJMB programme. Again we do have centre in Ogun.

      Instruction Make the #8,000 payment for your registration, print the form out via any cyber cafe closest to you at https://ijmbway.com/ijmb-form/ fill the form, scan the teller and the form to us via our email which is ijmbway@gmail.com. Within 24 hours all your IJMB details and registration number at your centre will be sent to you. Then you are expected to resume, since lectures have stated

      Take note that different fraudulent websites are on the internet and phone numbers. The only account name you are to make your payment to directly is IJMB Alevel Registration and account number being 0163836217 and the name of the bank being Gtbank.

      If it the account details is not related to IJMB, do not pay into it for IJMB

      Thank you

    1. Yes, the registration is still on. You can go ahead and print IJMB form at the website

  28. Can i receive lectures from a private polytechnic for the 9months?

    1. We do not know what you are talking about

  29. Pls I want to know if the ijmb form for 2018/19 out

    1. Yes, the registration is still ongoing though lectures have started

      1. Hello,please my question here is that on which month is ijmb lectures is going to start.seasion 2018/2019

        1. IJMB lectures start next year February 10th fully

  30. Am ada by name, i registered for ijmb some wks ago , a wk after i registered i was given admission in uni abuja and now am no longer interested again, can i get my money back. I paid the sum of 160 thousand. Pls help me.

    1. yes, you can leave the ijmb programme but to get your money back isn’t possible.

    1. okay, go ahead with your question.

  31. Please if I register before 8th of June, will I be given admission? Although I want to register on the 3rd.

    1. yes, you will be admitted for the ijmb programme.

  32. If am to pick the form this year2018 does that means i’ll gain admission 2019?And where can i get the form in Rivers-state?lastly is the registration on and when will it end? urgent please,thanks

    1. yes you can but will be closing soon, you need to be fast.

  33. Please sir I just this program now, today is June 13th pls can I still get addmision

  34. Please sir when is d closin date for d ijmb form for 2018/2019 session

    1. the registration is still on but closing anytime soon so be fast.

    1. Yes, awaiting result is allowed on IJMB

  35. sir I don’t comprend you guys o when will he close I me the form

  36. Please are we paying d school fee immediate after we obtain the form before we start lecture

    1. yes at least you have to pay minimum of #70,000 before resuming.

  37. Please when is ijmb form 2018/2019 closing ,cuz I just saw it and am really interested

  38. Is is compulsory to pay up the total bill before the form closes? Or is it only the form that closes on that date?

  39. pls can I register with Awaiting result

    1. Yes you can use awaiting result

  40. Pls can I still register?? Am seeing today as the dead line day

  41. Hi, I’m emeka.. I’m confused is the IJMB registration still on or has it stopped? Please I need to know

  42. I thought they said the registration do start November and closes January each year……. But all am seeing now is just baffling me……. Am just reading that the registration closes September 7 2018…… Pls I need urgent reply

    1. Late registration is still onoging

  43. pls ijmb u gugs should try to still extend the closing date. pls I would love to attend

  44. I had the registration is ending today when next will Ijmb start registration again

  45. Pls I just see the program now and I’m interested but I had the registration is closing today what I’m I going to do now when is the registration starting again

  46. when is the form for 2019 section be out

    1. The late registration for the 2019 is closing this month, finally.

  47. Hello, I’ve actually been making researches and I’m confused, the reason being that the account details seems not to be the same, please help notify me the original account details because I’m saw two different account details, sms 07015314513

    1. Sorry about that. Take that we only use one IJMB account, any other account you see is parody. The account detail is IJMB Alevel Registration and the account number is 0163836217

  48. Good day, am wondering where the ijmb centre is in Ekiti State….. I mean the address…..

  49. Good day, am confuse of where the ijmb centre is in Ekiti State….. I mean the address…..

  50. What is ijmb subject combination for sociology

  51. when is the exam date for 2018/2019 season pls

  52. Are we taking exams for ijmb entry

  53. For 2018/19, is d form still ongoing?, are we nt to write exam b4 admission?, has lectures started already?

    1. 2018/2019 IJMB is closed The ongoing registration is IJMB 2019/2020 session – this means you will use to gain admission into 200level by 2020the lectures should start February/March next year.

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